HOA Presentation

The Hellenic Oceanographers’ Association (HOA) was founded in 1986 and is active in the field of oceanographic research and works on issues which relate to the marine environment. HOA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.

According to the statute of HOA, members are individuals who bear a university or postgraduate degree in Oceanography or relevant fields. HOA accounts approximately 500 members, several of whom have long presence in the field of Marine Sciences at national and international level; their contribution to scientific issues, research studies and coastal areas monitoring has been established through their long- time involvement in the field.

The main objectives of HOA are;

  • The promotion, development and dissemination of oceanographic science
  • The promotion, enhancement and establishment of oceanographic studies in Greece
  • The safeguarding and distinction of the professional rights of researchers,
  • The cooperation with the state and other Public and Private actors who are active in the Marine environment aspiring to provide solutions to arising problems and contribute to the effective protection and management in the context of sustainable development
  • The provision of information, education and raising of public awareness on issues relating to the coastal and marine environment as well as others which are of grave importance for Greece.