The elections of 2018 constituted the following Board of Directors, with the duration of three years, according to the Articles of the Association.

SERAFIM POULOSGeologist BSc, Oceanographer PhD.
Professor in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
PARASKEVI NOMIKOUGeologist BSc, Oceanographer PhD.
Lecturer in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
General Secretary2107274865
KARDITSA KATERINAGeologist BSc, Oceanographer Dr.Cashier2107274195
STELIOS PETRAKISGeologist BSc, Oceanographer MScSpecial Secretary2107274195
IRINI GRATSIAAgriculturer BSc, Oceanographer MSc.EFMS Representative2105132964
VASILIS KAPSIMALISGeologist BSc, Sedimentologist PhD.
Researcher in the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
EFMS Vice Representative2291076378
GEORGE KATSOURASChemist BSc, Oceanographer Dr.Member2107274952